Brake Caliper Painting

Nathan Cassata

Painted brake calipers are a common add on that is seen on a lot of high performance vehicles. The benefit of painted brake calipers is it will give your vehicle a more aggressive look but will also prevent it from future corrosion caused by water and salt.

Graphics in brake calipers are becoming more common in high performance vehicles such as the Cadillac CTS-V, BMW M5 and many others. We now have the ability to apply these graphics to calipers using a multistage paint process.

We recently painted all four calipers on a 2012 Mazda 3 using a PPG high temp base coat and a ceramic clear coat. We used the high temp basecoat and the ceramic clear coat to prevent any possible pealing or flaking.

First, we started by washing the entire vehicle and all the braking components to remove all the dirt and the brake dust for optimal adhesion.

Then the vehicle is fully masked off as well as the suspension components, brake lines, rotors and wheel wells to ensure there is no chance of overspray.

After everything was masked off we proceeded to paint the calipers and the results were awesome!

Check it out below:


2012 Mazda 3 painted brake calipers.

Routing the wires


CTS-V custom painted calipers.


Just a sample of some of the color selections
Custom reciever brackets