Integrated Radar Installation

James Catone

As you may already know, attention to detail is our main concern on every job at Perfection Auto Detailing. Whether it’s polishing a Saleen S7 or shampooing a Honda civic, our standards are maintained at all costs. What our clients really enjoy is their peace of mind, a one stop shop is what we have become. Our most common request has been the installation of integrated radar systems. Laser jammers and radar detectors have become the product of choice for those who can’t seem to shake the need for speed. We can thank New York State for being one of 38 states to deem them legal for use in your vehicle.

Here is a quick overview of a standard installation on a client’s 2014 Audi RS7 using a system we removed out of his last vehicle.

SYSTEM: Escort Passport SRX


  • (1) Radar detector and receiver

  • (2) Front mounted laser jammers/shifters

  • (1) Rear mounted laser jammer/shifter

  • (1) Concealed display unit

  • (1) Concealed mute button


In order for these systems to work as they are intended, the careful placement of the receiver and jammers/shifters is vital to its existence. Believe it or not trajectory angles and the non obstructed view of the devises are very important.

This install included removal of the front bumper, kick panels, trunk panels and other compartments to ensure that system’s wiring and detectors were hidden and safe from the elements. Custom aluminum brackets were designed to safely secure and maintain a discrete stock appearance. During the installation we utilized the factory firewall entrance and OEM wire locations for the end result of a clean and non disturbed engine bay.

For peace of mind, feel free to contact us for your future radar install needs.

Basic installations start at $75 for windshield mounted units, with a hidden power cable. This is powered on and off automatically with vehicle operation,

Integrated radar systems like the above installed start at $700 and are billed hourly.


Front Bumper removed and wiring is being routed.

Routing the wires


Receivers mounted with custom brackets.
Custom reciever brackets


Wiring is routed through the factory firewall openings.


Compartments are removed to route the wiring.
Compartment being removed


Routing the wires.
Compartment disassembled


RS7 finished product, maintaining a factory appearance.
RS7 back together


Diagram of the radar that was installed.
Radar Diagram